Are you a student or a full-time employee? Are you planning to study a One Sitting Degree Course?
If so, you have the opportunity to complete any one of the degrees such as BA, BBA, BCA, MBA,
MCA, MSC and PDCA within a year. These graduation programs are now available as one year
degree courses. If you have the desire to take up a one year degree study, we provide you excellent
opportunity to complete it as a one year degree course.


For instance, if a study had passed his/her higher secondary studies in 2011 or 2012; he/she can
apply for Degree One Year from Conceded College. Students can take up Graduation or Post
Graduation studies. It is also known as Breaking Study Method. At the time of the examination, the
students have the opportunity to write three years of exams in one year or single sitting.
A pass in these exams will award the students with original certificates and mark sheets of a three-
year course of BA in One Sitting or B. Com in One sitting. It is same with any of the degree courses
done in the breaking study method. In India, you have the opportunity to do Graduation Course in
One year in India. 1. Credit Transfer, 2. Lateral Entry and 3. Breaking Study.
Students should follow the Breaking Study or Lateral Entry Mode to complete their One Sitting
Degree Courses. This opportunity is extended to students who have ignored their studies after the
higher secondary studies or stopped their college studies in the middle or could not complete their
college studies due to diverse reasons.
All those kinds of students are qualified for College degree in 1 year also they can do Post
College Degree in One Year (Single Sitting) only.
There are a huge number of students in India wants to study graduation courses such as BA, B.Com,
BBA, BCA, BSC IT, but not able to complete it due to various reasons. There are also students
remain ideal after their HSC (10+2).
There are students taking admissions to vocational training courses after their higher secondary
studies. Some of them move to other states or countries searching for suitable work. Yet, others go
for diploma courses. Only a few percentages of students apply for Graduation. These degree
students also drop out from their studies due to various reasons such as shortage of money and lack
of time after they complete the first or second year of their studies.
At the same time, later in life, they realize that a degree is highly significant in their life, especially
to attain a suitable work and attain promotions in the work field.
Some of these students desire to take up MBA or E-MBA studies, but they will not be able to do so
graduation is mandatory for admissions to these courses.
All these factors force students to take up degree studies and when they make up their mind to
study, they have plenty of options. They can take admissions to various universities, colleges and
study centres and apply for quick degree programs or degree in a single sitting.

Single sitting degrees courses are advantages for students. Compared to the 3-year course of study,
a Fast Track Degree can be completed in one year. Students can make up for their lost years in
studies by enrolling their names for a single sitting degree.
Most of the students have a lot of doubts regarding a Fast Track Degree including its validity.
Contact us today, and we are here to clear all your doubts regarding Single sitting courses.
You can complete a three-year degree by spending a couple of years through Credit Transfer Mode
of studies.
Credit rating Transfer
Lateral Entrance
Breaking study

Students are in various situations such as they have finished their first and second year of
graduation from a college under the UGC recognized university or have left their studies after the
first and second year of their graduation without writing exams and still others may have stopped
their studies half-way between their degree studies. In these situations, they are not able to complete
their studies from the same college. All such students can take admissions to the third year of
degree studies directly and complete it in a single sitting.
Credit Transfer degrees are of two types. First one is an academic credit rating, and the second one
is credit score transfer. In most of the universities, you can rely on both these methods to take
admissions to degree studies.
Students who have completed diploma programs have opportunities to complete their degree studies
in Fast Track Mode of learning. They can take admissions to graduation studies at any university
they prefer to study. They can take admissions to the second or third year of degree studies and
receive a Graduation Degree in One year in India. The rules and regulations regarding Lateral
Entry programs vary from university to university. If you are a student who has stopped your
studies due to any reason, register for a Lateral Entry degree study. A degree in one year helps you
attain a dream job.
Students can enter their names for degrees such as BA Degree in One year, BBA Degree in One
year, B.Com Degree in One year, BCA Degree in One year, BSC Degree in One year, MA Degree
in One year, MCA Degree in One year, M.Com Degree in One year, MSC Degree in One year,
B.Tech Degree in One year and M.Tech Degree in One year under the Later Entry Programs.

In Breaking study mode, a student who has left his/her studies after the first, second or third year of
degree studies can take admission to the third year of the degree directly. You have stopped or had
passed in each year of study does not matter. At the same time, the student must have a gap of three

years in studies after the Higher Secondary examinations. Students have to write three years in one
go only and should pay the fees for all three years. Think wisely and enrol your name for a degree
in University Grants Commission recognized university.
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Qualification of One Sitting Degree:-
A student seeking admission to One Sitting Degree must have a pass in the 10+2 examinations from
the respective state boards. The student should present the mark sheets and certificates for
verification at the university. The student also must fulfill all the mandatory regulations prescribed
by the college/university.
In India, One Sitting Degree is a prestigious program. This program allows students to write the
exams of all three years in one sitting. Hence, students have an excellent opportunity to complete a
graduate degree in one year.
Eligibility Criterion of One Sitting Degree:-
A student seeking admission to a Fast Track Degree should have a pass in the Graduation Degree or
Senior Secondary School examination from a recognized Board or University or an equivalent test
conducted by a recognized source, and it must be accepted by the university, as the eligibility or
standard criteria by the university/college.

A requirement of One Sitting Degree:-
 One sitting degree is an excellent opportunity for students who have passed their 12 th and
could not start their degree studies. A student with gap years can complete their degree
studies through Fast Track mode of studies.
 Students who failed to proceed after completing the first, second or third year of their
College graduation studies can now apply for One Sitting Degree.
 There is an opportunity for students to enrol their names through lateral entry.
 If students have earned a government job in their early ages, they can apply for a College
Fast Track Degree and obtain a degree though single sitting programs.
Advantages of One Sitting Degree:-
 Minimal Fees, Free Study Materials and Easy Syllabus.
 These courses are accepted in all the embassies.
 It is also accepted by third party and certificate verification agencies.
After the completion of a single sitting degree, the students will be awarded relevant certificates.
The successful completion of One Sitting Degree programs helps the candidates to secure jobs in
government and private-owned industries. It is an excellent opportunity for students to enter into a
suitable job and for employees in the government and private sector to attain promotions. It is good

news for students who had a break in their studies as they can complete a Fast Track Degree and
make themselves eligible for higher studies, employment and promotions.
After the completion of a single sitting degree, the students will be awarded relevant certificates. It
is easy to receive high-paid jobs in both government and private industries after the completion of
these quick programs. It is an excellent opportunity for employees of various industries through
Fast Track Degree programs in India to make themselves eligible for promotions in their respective
fields of work.
Fast track degree Can apply for Government Jobs
One sitting degree Can apply for jobs in MNCs
Degree in one year Can apply for VSA, immigration and study aboard
One sitting degree Can apply for PR in various nations.
One sitting degree Can apply for Embassy Attestation
One sitting degree Suitable for online and manual verification of documents

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• We provide excellent opportunity to build your career.
• We provide ways and means to succeed in life through Fast Track mode of studies.
• We help students to apply for courses that they prefer to study.
• We aid people to better their resume to make them eligible for better opportunities in life.
• We provide excellent opportunities for students to utilize their talents and write exams in a
better way.

Frequently Questions Asked by Students:-

Q. What is One Sitting Degree?
A. One Sitting Degree is a one year program of a 3-year degree. All the exams are completed in a
single sitting.

Q. However you’ll get the instant degree to finish One Sitting Degree?
A. For instance, a student who has completed his/her Higher Secondary studies and has a gap of
three years or more can apply for a One Sitting Degree now. Students also can apply for it through
Lateral Entry programs of various universities. Students are asked to write the exams of three years
in one year.
The Mark sheets and certificates of the qualification exams are necessary for online admission to
conceded college one-year degree programs. Students can verify the details of their registration on
the university website.

Q. What is the qualification for this course?
A. The students taking admissions to this program should have at least a three-year gap after their
higher secondary studies or the first, second or third-year degree studies. Such students can register
for one sitting examination through conceded colleges.

Q. Is One Sitting Degree valid in India?
A. Of Course, a One Sitting Degree is valid in India.

Q. How you can use credit transfer?
A. The students who have completed their second or third year of degree studies can directly take
admissions to a credit transfer degree. They can start from where they have stopped.

Q. What is break in studies?
A. Break-in studies mean gap years in studies after completing higher secondary studies or the first,
second and third year Degree College from a recognized institution.

Q. Which all documents are necessary to apply for One Sitting Degree?
A. The following documents are necessary to apply for One Sitting Degree.
1. Mark sheet of Secondary School Examination
2. Certificates and mark sheets of Higher Secondary Examination

3. Documents supporting reasons for the gap years.
4. Address Proof
5. Passport size photo

Q. What does “Gap Certificate” means?
A. Students must present reasons for their gap years in study. It can be due to sickness or full-time
employment. Students have to present certificates supporting the same.

Q. Is there any opportunity in a lateral entry for diploma holders?
A. Of Course. Diploma students can avail the opportunity of lateral entry facilities provided by
various universities.

Q. That each one certificate am I able to receive once the course completion?
A. After the One Sitting Program, students will receive an original degree certificate, mark sheet
and migration certificate

Q. Are the certificates suitable in government jobs once concluding this course?
A. Yes, the documents are valid in government jobs.

Q. Are there any probabilities of help in my Career ahead once doing this course?
A. Sure. You are eligible for promotions after the successful completion of a One Sitting Course.

Q. What other courses can go through One Sitting Degree
A. There are many courses that you can complete similarly. One Sitting Degree include: One Sitting
BBA, One Sitting BSC, One Sitting MCOM, One Sitting B.Com, One Sitting MBA, One Sitting
BA, One Sitting BBA, MCA, BCA and many more.

Q. What is One Sitting Degree?
A. Students who have completed their 10+2 schooling and had a gap of at least three years in their
studies can complete the 3-year degree studies in one year by writing exams in a single sitting. The
single sitting degree also is possible for students who have completed the first, second or third year
of studies. Students have to pay the fees for the entire degree course. Contact us today, and one of
our counsellors will provide you details and guide you through the online admission.
Now it is possible to apply for BSC It, BCA, BBA, BSC, B.Com, BA, MSC, MCA, MBA,,
MA and numerous other undergraduate and Postgraduate degree programs.

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