Universities Offering Fast Track Degrees


Today’s Job market is highly competitive, and your educational qualification matters in gaining a
suitable job. If you are looking for a high-pay career opportunity, earning a degree is necessary.
Students these days act cleverly and look for ways and means to graduate themselves. Hence, the
fast track mode of degrees has been gaining popularity among young and old alike. This new
mode of study has been beneficial for students with a gap in studies, want to switch universities
and persons who have a break in their career.
Fast track mode of degrees also is known as ‘accelerated degrees’ and provides opportunities for
everyone to earn a degree in faster and in a shorter time. Individuals who have family and career
commitments also can uptake this mode of studies as it is a degree you can complete most
conveniently. Usually, three years are necessary for a bachelor’s degree. On the other hand, a
faster track degree is possible in one year. All the exams are completed within a year and
therefore, this mode of degree also is known as a single sitting degree.
Single sitting degree studies are very intensive as most of the course work is conducted within a
limited time frame. There are very strict contact classes and well-developed course materials.
Despite these factors, students can choose the timing of their contact classes and the exam
centres. Keeping these elements of the fast track degree studies in mind, let’s look into this mode
of study in detail.
What is a Fast Track Degree Program?
Normally, it takes three years to complete an undergraduate degree in India. At the same time,
some of the foreign countries extend it up to six years. The duration of a graduate program
mostly depends on the subject, institution and university.
At the same time, due to various reasons, including high tuition fees, rising levels of students’
debt great number universities have introduced an accelerated mode of degrees. The duration of
this new form of degree is under two years. However, Indian universities have shortened the
duration to one year. Hence, it is an intensive study program, and hard work is required to
achieve a pass. A fast track degree is equivalent to regular undergraduate studies. Hence, the
popularity of this mode of studies has increased in the recent past. The syllabus is the same, but
more work is incorporated to make students at par with regular streams. Accelerated degrees also
are known as single sitting degrees in India as you can complete them within a year by writing
all the exams together in one year.
Fast Track Degree Courses
In India, you can enrol your names for almost every single sitting degree run by the reputed
universities. All these degrees are legal and accepted by UGC. Hence, earning a single sitting

degree help you attain a better job in life. These fast track degree courses are BA in all subjects,
B.com, BBA, BCA, BSC in all the subjects, Information Technology, B.Tech, HR degrees,
Nursing degrees, Business Management and many more. Most of the PG courses also are
available in the fast track mode. Hence, it is a boon for students in India to earn their graduation
and post-graduation without spending many years of their life. You must check with the
university near you to find a suitable fast track degree to study. You can take admissions to these
courses at a time prescribed by the university.
Universities Offering Fast Track Degrees
The single sitting degrees have gained momentum due to a large number of universities offering
these courses in the most authentic settings. They have the right infrastructure, study centres and
all that is reburied to run short degree programs. All the universities have earned the valid
accreditations required to conduct these courses. Hence, it is an excellent opportunity for
students in India and abroad to study from some of the highly reputed and accredited
universities. The following are some of the universities in India offering accelerated degree

Annamalai University – Tamilnadu

Madurai Kamaraj University – Tamilnadu

Osmania University – Telangana

DR. CV Raman University – Chhattisgarh

SV University Andhra Pradesh

Bharathiar University – Tamilnadu

Himalayan University – Arunachal Pradesh

Kakatiya University – Telangana

Gitam University – Andhra Pradesh

Calicut University – Kerala

Vinayaka Mission University – Tamil Nadu

Periyar University – Tamilnadu

Madras University – Tamil Nadu

SRM University – Tamil Nadu

Gulbarga University – Karnataka

Mysore University – Karnataka

IGNOU University – New Delhi

Ranchi University – Jharkhand

Bangalore University – Karnataka
Glocal University – Uttar Pradesh

Anna University

Andhra University

Dr BR Ambedkar University Agra

VTU University

Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Hydrabad

India is a hub of education for students from many countries. Knowing this fact, Indian
universities have come up with appropriate courses and study modes for students in India and
aboard. There are many more universities offering short degree programs in India. You should

conduct a relevant search to find a suitable university for your studies. You can also take help
from various agencies certified by the universities in India.
Relevance of Fast Track Degrees Today
Quick degrees are highly relevant today due to the numerous advantages it provides in each of
our life. In India, most of the industries face the problem of employability. These degree
programs increase the eligibility of individuals to be employed in various industries. India is fast
approaching the standard of a developed nation and the quality of education in the country make
this process even faster.
It is a convenient mode of study as universities provide excellent opportunities for study at a low
cost. A degree in quick time also increases the relevance of this mode of study. It is highly
relevant for students with gap years and people with part-time jobs and family commitments.
Hence, in this modern world, single sitting degrees help people acquire the highest knowledge
and skills required to lead an intellectual life.
Benefits of Taking a Fast Track Degree Program
The ultimate purpose of education in our life is to acquire knowledge and skills and thereby
make ourselves eligible for jobs in various industries. Therefore, the foremost benefit of a fast
track degree is attaining a high paid job. A learned man is a respected man in the society. Hence,
short degree programs help you to achieve respect and excellent social status in your society.
Full-time and part-time employees also can take up short degree programs to boost their career.
Better payment and increased allowances are the benefits of it in the work field. Hence, people
set aside their career and family commitments and join these courses to achieve greater positions
in life.
Students who could not continue their studies after the higher secondary courses can take up
single sitting degrees. It is a great opportunity for them to complete their higher studies without
losing many years.
There are various agencies to help you take admissions to these courses. All the admission
procedures are online. Hence, you can pursue your degree studies from anywhere on earth and in
convenient settings.
Most the universities provide opportunities to transfer your credits. Hence, you can take up
studies from where you have stopped. A low fee is an added advantage of this program.
Fast track degree courses are the best option for all. It is ideal for students who know where they
want to get to. Fast track programs provide the platform to achieve their aims in life both
professional and social. It is the easiest way of attaining a degree as it saves money on fees and
accommodation. It also helps students to make up for the lost year. It also helps you draw near

employment. Assessing all the features, it has been proved that accelerated degree programs are
best for our life and society as a whole.

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