One Sitting Degree, Fast Track Degree, and Degree in One year – Is it Valid in UAE?

One Sitting Degree is a program of earning a degree in one year. Students can write the exams of

a three-year degree within a year, and so the program is also known as a degree in one year. This
program allows students to save time and money. It is highly beneficial for students, employs
and everyone seeking knowledge and experience. Nevertheless, students have to meet a certain
condition before admission to a fast track degree program.
As far as the conditions for this program involve, students must have three or more gap years in
their academic life. If a student has discontinued the entire studies after the higher secondary
schooling or after taking admission and learning first or second years of degree studies, he/she is
eligible to take up a one sitting degree course.
All the reputed universities in India offer valid fast track degree programs. Universities running
valid short degree programs have UGC approvals. Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific
Research in UAE has published the list of recognized education institutes in India. Every
university that has UGC recognition is included in it. Hence, if you take up a single sitting
degree, fast track degree and degree in one year from these universities, it is valid in UAE.
Ministry of Higher Education & Research Accepted Universities in India
There is no dearth for reputed universities in India. These universities are the epitome of the
highest knowledge and learning. All the reputed universities in India runs one sitting programs
for students in India and abroad. Out of these numerous universities, the Ministry of Higher
Education and Research accepts a total of 179 universities. Every educational program of these
universities is valid in UAE. Some of these universities from this list are given below:
1. Anna University
2. Annamalai University
3. Kakatiya University
4. Jiwaji University
5. Mangalore University
6. Periyar University
7. Calicut University
8. Bangalore University
9. Madurai Kamaraj University
10. Hyderabad University
11. Madras University
12. Delhi University
13. Utkal University
14. SRM University
15. Mysore University
16. Osmania University

17. Manipur University
18. Magadh University
19. Kannada University
20. Jawaharlal Nehru University
The above-mentioned universities are from the list of universities approved by the Ministry of
Higher Education and Research. You can take admission to the one-year degree programs of any
one of the universities in the list. Contact us today to know more about the degree courses
available in these universities for students in the UAE and take admission to your preferred
course. We provide free counselling on the matters regarding details of fast track degrees.
Valid One Sitting Degree Programs
All the degree programs of the universities accepted by Ministry of Higher Education and
Research are valid in UAE. The admission procedure for these courses is very simple and easy.
Contact us today to find a relevant course as per your academic taste and preference. Following
are some of the fast track degree programs valid in UAE: BA, BCOM, BSC, BBA, BCA,
B.Tech, Nursing, IT Degrees and more. These degrees in all streams are available for you to
learn without any difficulties. You can also pursue some of the PG courses as one sitting studies.
Students who have gap years after their higher secondary studies can take admissions to these
courses, and make themselves qualified for higher positions in their professional fronts.
The Relevance of One Sitting Degree in UAE Job Market
Students in the UAE face the issue of lack of opportunities for learning and development in the
areas they prefer. Given this scenario, the number of students coming to India to earn quick
degrees is on the rise. It is a great opportunity for such students to earn academic knowledge
through fast track degree programs. These quick degree programs enable students to make
themselves eligible for various jobs and become professionals once they are employed. If you are
already an employee, a single sitting degree will help you attain promotions and other perks in
your respective workplace.
There are endless opportunities for job seekers in the Dubai job market. Employers search for
highly qualified and experienced candidates for every vacancy. Hence, acquiring a quick degree
is the only way to make you eligible for various jobs available. The short degree earned from an
Indian university is valid in UAE for private and government jobs. Act now! Do not give a
chance for you to look back and regret in the later stages of life. Enrol your name today for a
single sitting degree UAE program, and make yourself at par with intellectuals and educated
minds in the country. Your qualification will enable you to reap the benefits of the corporate

Benefits of choosing us as your Educational Consultants:

Our service of educational consultancy is different from all our competitors. We provide
personalized attention to each of our wards. We have helped lakhs of students to attain their
single sitting degrees across the world. And some of our unique features are as follows:
 We provide free counselling on the details of Universities, courses and course fees.
 We introduce you all the Sing Sitting Degree programs approved by UAE.
 There are no hidden charges. Students need to pay only the full fee for their degree.
 We do not make any false or unreal assurances
 We have direct collaboration with UGC approved universities.
All the UGC accepted Single Sitting programs are valid in UAE. Enrol your name today in a
UGC accepted university for any of its valid one-degree programs. It is an excellent opportunity
for you to make up for your lost years, and also make yourself eligible for higher studies as well
as high-pay jobs in both government and private sector. It is completely valid and lawful in the
UAE. Similarly, you can also make use of the credit transfer system and lateral entry system to
learn a degree of your choice. We are here to aid you to accomplish your desire to learn. Hence,
feel free to contact us today. We can arrange you a suitable single sitting degree program valid in

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