How can Health Professionals in India Apply for DHA/MOH before Coming to UAE?

The Ministry of Health and Prevention UAE conducts the MOH exam. It is a medical license examination for healthcare professionals to allow them to work in various healthcare sectors in the country. Every candidate with prescribed qualification, without any age limit, can appear for MOH. The process of the application takes at least two months. Hence, candidates have to apply for their MOH exam before two months of their preferred date. It is the sole responsibility of the candidate to bear the expense of travel and accommodation. They also must make arrangements for their visa. Candidates who are writing one sitting degrees, nursing and other medical studies can apply for it to work in the UAE.

There are seven emirates in the UAE. Those medical professionals get through MOH examination can work in all emirates except Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Healthcare professionals wishing to work in Dubai need to apply for DHA. Health Authority of Abu Dhabi monitors the health system of the capital city of UAE. Healthcare professionals must attain a DHA license to practice their profession in Dubai. There are no additional tests or exams involved once the DHA is passed. Dubai Health Authority asks for two years of experience in India to be eligible to apply for DHA besides completing your qualifying one sitting degrees.

Professionals in the following departments can apply for a MOH exam:

  • Doctors
  • Dentists
  • Pharmacists
  • Nurses
  • Lab technicians

The registration Procedures

The candidates planning to register for MOH should log in to their account and upload the necessary documents. They have to pay the prescribed fees. Fee for the MOH exam is accepted by way of Credit card or E-Dirham. You can purchase it through any local banks. Once you apply, you will receive a message from MOH regarding the acceptance of your application. Then you have to pay additional fees to Dataflow centre for Primary Source Verification. Hence, you have three steps to write a MOH after your one sitting degree, and they include Credentialing, Data Flow and Exam. Normally, the credentialing process of MOH takes a week time. It is the process to make sure that the candidate has met the entire requirement, especially experience and other details of registration. A candidate who could not secure the required percentage in the first three attempts is debarred from writing it again. You cannot apply for a revaluation.

Documents Required for MOH exam:

The soft copy of the following documents should be submitted at the time of registration to the MOH examination.

  • SSLC Certificate
  • Higher Secondary
  • One sitting Degree Certificate
  • BLS (for doctors and nurses)
  • Good Standing Certificate
  • Experience Certificates
  • Passport
  • Photograph

Professionals in the Following Professions can Apply for DHA Exam:

  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Dentists
  • Pharmacists
  • Lab Technicians
  • Physiotherapists
  • Radiographer
  • All types of Therapists and more

The soft copy of the following documents should be submitted at the time of registration to the DHA examination.

  • SSLC and Plus Two Certificates
  • Diploma/One Sitting Degree/Master’s Certificate
  • Mark sheets/Transcripts
  • Nursing/MBBS/Dentistry/Pharmacy/Lab Technician/Physiotherapy etc course certificates
  • Experience Certificates
  • Good Standing Certificate
  • BLS Certificate
  • Photograph with a white background
  • Passport copy

There are two levels of verification of your documents, and they are known as Credential and Data Flow. Once it is over you can book the date of the exam. Exams take place every Sunday in Sheikh Rashid Hospital, Dubai. Fees vary as per your urgency to write the exam. If you want to write urgently, you have to pay a higher fee. Sixty per cent is required to pass the DHA license.

The Difference between DHA and MOH Exam Processes

Candidates applying for DHA can choose their exam date as soon as the approval of their credentials and submitting necessary documents required for Data Flow. Candidates applying for MOH get the date of the exam only after all the required procedures are over, including credentialing process and Data Flow. After the approval of the credentialing process and data flow, the candidate will get a message from the MOH. MOH dates are given by the Ministry of Health in the UAE. All the available dates are displayed, and the applicant can choose as per his/her choice.

Certain medical professionals like Nurses, Ayurveda Doctors, Homeopathy Doctors etc. can write their MOH exams in India and Thiruvananthapuram is the centre in Kerala. DHA exam centre is in Dubai – Sheikh Rashid Hospital. If you have six months of experience of working in any of the five emirates, you are allowed to work in Dubai and Abu Dabi without appearing for DHA/HAAD.

Details of MOH Exam

Once the credentialing and Data Flow is over, the candidates will get a confirmation for the exam. Ministry of Health UAE provides the date of exams. All the available dates will be displayed in the application. The candidates can choose a convenient date. All candidates, including those holding one sitting degree, can write MOH exams 3 times. If any candidate fails to clear the exam within the three attempts, they will not be allowed to apply for the fourth time. Hence, candidates appearing for the MOH exams should prepare well before attempting exams.

The candidates failing in the first attempt do not get the chances for revaluation. They have to attempt a second time. If they fail in the second attempt, they get one more chance. If they fail in their third attempt, they cannot appear for the exam again. The result of every MOH exam is available after three days. 

To know more about the DHA/MOH, contact us today. We are the authorized group of educational consultancy, experts in helping health care professionals. If you attempt to apply for DHA/MOH with your limited experience, you will invite unnecessary delays or even total reject of your application. We have expert hands that are well-versed in moving your application through proper channels within a short period. Leave the application process to us while you prepare for the exam thoroughly.

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