What is Embassy Attestation and is it required for One Sitting Degree Certificates?

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We move to foreign countries, and the reasons are many. Some of these reasons may be employment, education, residency, running a business and more. In all these instances, we need to legalize our personal, commercial and educational documents and certificates from the embassy. Legalization of documents, including one sitting degree certificates, is required so that they become legal documents in any foreign country.

Educational documents, personal documents and Commercial documents are the main categories of documents that can be attested. Each category includes a comprehensive list of documents like single sitting degree certificates, birth certificate, marriage certificate, certificate of origin etc. It is possible to receive embassy attestations for 193 countries in India. Mainly, there are three types of attestations. These attestations include State Attestation, MEA Attestation or Apostille and Embassy attestation. Some of the gulf countries such as UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman,UK,USA,Kuwait and Saudi Arabia ask for attestation in their countries too.

What is Embassy Attestation?

Certificates issued from the India authorities need attestation from the Indian embassy so that they become legal in the foreign countries we plan to visit. Embassy attestation proves the validity of the credit transfer degree certificates and becomes legal certificates in the countries to which we plan to visit or study. Embassy attestation requires MEA verification of the documents. To verify our documents, we need to present them in original as well as in photocopies. Verification at the state level comes before MEA verification. There is a reasonable fee for attestations.

Attestation Procedures

  • Notary – This is the first step in attestation procedures of personal, educational and commercial documents. In this level, verification of the certificates is undertaken by the notary or the HRD department of the university where a degree in one year certificate was issued. In the case of commercial documents, the applicant has to approach the Chamber of Commerce for verification.
  • State Level – After the notary or university level verifications, documents are moved for state-level attestation procedures. State-level legalization procedures take place in three different settings. As per the requirement of the document, it goes through the State Home Department, Human Resource Department and Sub-division Magistrate. SDM is not part of the state government but this legal procedure conducted at the level is considered as a state-level procedure.
  • Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) – This is the legalization procedures from the Ministry of External Affairs. When it is over, MEA Stamp or sticker is attached to all the documents, including the fast track degree certificate. Ministry of External Affairs is headed by a Minister.
  • Embassy Attestation – In India, embassy attestation is carried out by officials appointed for this purpose. It is the last step in the procedures for attestation of a degree in one-year certificates after MEA level verifications.

MEA attestation also is known as Apostille. It is carried out after the state level verifications. In this level of attestation, all documents are legalized in a way acceptable to all countries that accept the Hague Convention. Most European countries accept Apostille. After the completion of the Apostille, a square-shaped stamp gets attached behind the document. It is computer generated and has a unique identification number. The member countries of the Hague Convention can check the authenticity of it online.

The Need of Embassy Attestation

In this modern world, people move about seeking jobs, a suitable place to migrate and live and run various businesses. In this situation, we need to carry all our original documents; including the certificates, we have earned from UGC approved universities and other authorized sources. Through the embassy attestation, the credibility of these documents and certificates gets established, and they become valid in your destination country. An embassy attestation of your documents legitimizes you, your company or your stay in a foreign country. If you do not apply and get your documents attested, all type of visas, including work visa you get will not get processed. Non-embassy attested one sitting degree certificates are also not considered valid. Hence, to deter all these hassles, you must attest your documents through proper channels.

Significance of Embassy Attestation

Those who are planning to move abroad to stay, study and work need to know what is embassy attestation and its significance. You need to attest various types of documents, including personal, commercial and fast track degree certificates. Every friendly country has an embassy in our country. The offices of foreign embassies in India continue to maintain a friendly relation with the mother country. Embassy attestations and the requirements for the same differ from nations to nations. It is a work carried out by experts with great precisions. The attestation procedures start from notary verification and go through various stages and finally, the document is stamped. Contact us today; we can guide you to attest your valuable documents, including certificates of graduation in one year.

There are several factors contribute to the time required for attesting your documents. Depending upon the country to which you want attestation and the state from which you want to initiate the attestation, the time is taken for the whole process of attestation varies. Approximately, it can be from 2 to 4 weeks. If you want your one sitting degree which needs HRD attestation from the university it was issued, it may take an additional two week.

Charges for the attestation also vary. It depends upon the country, state and the type of documents. Nevertheless, the charges are reasonable and worth paying.

Embassy attestation is a necessary process for everyone planning to visit foreign countries for various reasons. Irrespective of the destination and purpose, you have to take all the valid documents with you. Attestation of your documents is necessary for them to be legitimate documents in a foreign country. The process of embassy attestation is simple and easy if you go through the right channels. There a number most trusted embassy attestation services in India you can rely upon to attest your documents.