Studying Abroad Can Change the Way You See The World


Studying Abroad

Every year millions of students around the world search for ways and means to study aboard, and there is no exception for this trend in India. The number of students going abroad for higher studies and specializations is increasing every year. Study abroad programs open the scope of learning new things in life along with academic knowledge. It provides you with opportunities to acquaint with the new culture, history, language or the heritage of the place you choose to study. It is an excellent window for learning more than what is in your curriculum, and the stuff internet can provide you. Exposure to foreign situations helps you open to new living styles and opportunities for personality development and growth. Eating new food, making new friends, learning to wish friends in a new language will charge you with great confidence in life. All these developments in the early stages of your life will help you achieve great things life, and achieve an excellent position in the personal, professional and social fields.

What Types of Study Abroad Programs are there?

You can study a lot of courses abroad. It will be a daunting task to choose and decide on a course of your preference. Hence, our website provides comprehensive studying options overseas. You can search for study abroad programs here by Program Level, Program Type and by country level. We have arranged easy to use features in our websites to provide you with all the study aboard programs so that you won’t get lost. We have experienced counsellors to choose a course of your liking to study overseas.

Search by program level; choose:

Search by program type; choose:

  • Intern Abroad – This option provides you with the chances of internships overseas. This option is suitable if you are eyeing for experiences and developing a new skill in your job and business.
  • Volunteer Abroad – You have the option to go as a volunteer abroad. You can choose the country of your interest. It can be for a week, month or a year. You can choose the volunteer work that suits your ability and skills and enjoy it for a while.
  • Teach Abroad – There is an option to teach abroad. If you are a qualified professional, and teaching is a passion for you, you have the opportunity to teach and learn at the same time. You can choose the country, duration of teaching and the audience. Get ready for this wonderful experience abroad. 
  • Intensive Language – Do you have a flair for learning languages? Immerse yourself in the study of foreign linguistics. You can search by country, language and duration. Imagine yourself learning French in Paris staying near the Eiffel Tower. It will provide you with a memorable experience in your life.
  • Full-Time Degree Abroad – Are you looking for a full-time degree study abroad? If so, you have varied options to choose from. You can enrol your name for an associate degree, diploma courses, UG and graduate courses, a bachelor degree, Post-Graduate studies, master and doctorate studies. You can search by country and cities you love to enrol your name in any of the foreign universities or colleges.

Search Study Abroad Programs by Country

You have the option to choose the study abroad programs by country. If the US attracts you most, you can choose any one of the American Universities as your destination of study. America has some of the world-famous universities. Stanford University, Harvard University, Yale University, University of Pennsylvania etc. is some of these world-famous universities where students from around the world find a suitable place to study. If you take admissions to these renowned universities, you will be soon studying in a campus filled with modern infrastructure and facilities. You can take up Graduate, Master and doctoral studies here.

If France is your attraction, the country offers you the latest facilities for learning all types of degree, Post-graduate and doctoral studies. Choose a course as per your liking by the location search we have incorporated into our website. Every country you choose to study will have several cities offering varieties of colleges and universities specialized in offering different courses. You have to choose one as per your preference, and we will take care of the rest. Every place provides you with the added advantage of learning new things. You can explore the landscape, art, culture and make new connections and friends. Hence, it will be a lifetime experience for you.

Making it Happen: Resources and Essential Info

Here you can search by country, cities and courses, and you will be able to fix a place and course of your study. At the same time, you need scholarships and other benefits as you study abroad. You can get more insights on this matter by reading more information on our pages of Blog and Study Abroad Scholarships. Your success is our priority, and thus we have arranged everything that will support your study abroad program.

Comprehensive Program Directory

Our Study Abroad service has arranged a comprehensive program directory. This includes summer study abroad, internship, volunteer programs, language learning, high school study abroad and more. You can search and finalize your area of study by country and city. Make the most of the programs we provide you for your success.

100’s of Free Resources

Our free resource section provides you with everything required to make your study abroad really fruitful. Through our resource section, we provide all the necessary ingredients that are required before, during and after your study aboard program to make it meaningful and valuable in your life. Visit the blog page on the website, and you will get a lot of insights on overseas study programs. Be ready to take up the adventure of study abroad.

Student Stories & Reviews

Thousands of students have completed their study abroad programs through our service. It is worth learning from their experiences. We have reviews from previous students on each page of the study abroad program we bring you. More reviews are added every day as every student we have sent abroad for studies are ready to give us their happy experiences. Hence, you should check regularly for updated reviews on our website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Study Abroad programs enable students to acquire knowledge through skills and values through their direct experiences. The world opens in front of you as a classroom. In this classroom, you can learn all things through your experiences. It is a real-time learning experience of fashion, culture, art, history, food and languages. You may have already travelled aboard for various reasons. You may have tasted and explored foreign lands, beaches or historical monuments. Study abroad programs provide you with the same experience again. You can explore new cities, sandy beaches, new food, and historically relevant places in your study aboard programs. Meeting new people and friends with various backgrounds is a wonderful idea, and study aboard programs supply the same things in life.

Who are Study Abroad Programs for?

Young minds always want to learn new things and boost confidence by way of travelling, sightseeing, doing and participating in new activities. Vibrant personalities often want to venture out and engage in activities of their liking. It can be studying marine technology and save birds from oil spills etc. even though you live in non-coastal areas. Again, you may want to learn archaeology or take up monumental studies from the most perfect setting. Comprehending new culture, languages and environment also provides you with great opportunities to learn. Who knows, it may also provide you with an insight to appreciate what you have in our native land, including values and culture we hold on to us dearly. This is also an opportunity to understand all the developments and life around the globe. Your goals and vision in life may undergo tremendous change when you see life elsewhere. Visiting museums, monuments, studying new languages and learning to express in them provide you with great enthusiasm to explore hidden treasures of experience in more and more places.

If you are interested to study abroad and open to learning more than what is in textbooks, we offer you numerous study programs in foreign colleges. Read on to receive more insights.

How to Find Study Abroad Programs: WHAT – WHERE – WHEN

You can study in any continent, country and city you prefer. There are numerous studies aboard programs available. Are you a little confused about what, where and when to study? Do not worry. We will arrange everything for you. You can follow the following tips to proceed with your study aboard program.

WHAT Do You Want to Study?

What to study is an important question when you choose a study abroad program. There are various courses to study. You can choose the study programs by clicking on the menu ‘select a speciality’. Are you interested in studying music; you have opportunities to study it in renowned universities around the world. You can take up business studies in London, Fashion Designing in Paris, France, and Archeology studies in Italy, all types of technology-related studies in Japan or Medicine in the US. Maybe you want to learn a foreign language like Spanish, Italian, French or German. Learning languages make you strengthen your brain. Elective Credits are available to support your minor or major studies.

WHERE Countries to Study Abroad?

If you have finalized in which country you want to study, you can open the menu ‘Select a Country’. There you can see all the countries such as England, Ireland, Italy, USA, China, France and many more. Choose your preferred country to open to the choices of colleges. In each country, many reputed colleges are inviting foreign students. All the countries may have cities to choose from. Hence, you get a very comprehensive list of study programs abroad. The list is very vast, and we are sure that you will be able to choose a study program in any one of the countries as per your liking, calibre and personality. Choose a study abroad program that will suit your lifestyle and budget to become a successful person in life.

WHEN Do You Want to Go Abroad?

You can also choose the timing of your studies. You can go for studies abroad in summer, Intercession and Maymester. You can make use of the menu ‘Select a Term’ to find the time you want to start your studies abroad. You can start your studies at any time of the year or apply for undergrad-term study programs abroad. This is an important aspect of study aboard program. A lot of factors such as seasons of climate in the country make you choose a study abroad program at a convenient time. It will be a great idea to move to France to learn French or learn about rainforest in Brazil in the springtime. Hence, it is a top worth considering.

Why Consider Study Abroad Programs?

When you choose to study abroad, there may be a lot of reasons behind it. Learning an undergraduate degree abroad is a great opportunity for you to open to new possibilities of growth in your personal life. The confidence and self-reliance features you have acquired during your study aboard programs will contribute to your professional life. Your personality and communication skills developed during these programs will help you throughout your life. Hence, everything you do in your early stages of life should contribute to improving these factors in life. After you have achieved high-salaried jobs and promotions, look back and you will realize that it is our foreign exposure that has shaped your life as it is today. Hence, take the brave decision to study abroad and go ahead in life with the qualities of being a bilingual and well-developed personality. Are you ready for a new venture in life? We have lakhs of study abroad opportunities for you to choose.


  1. Why should I take up study abroad programs?

Many reasons contribute to the popularity of study aboard programs. Quality education, experiencing a new culture and gaining wide prospects for employment may be for some. Some others view study aboard programs as a way of going away from home and finding a suitable career in life after their studies. It also provides the opportunity to comprehend how the world works. The type of experience you receive from the study abroad programs will differ from place to place. Hence, choose a place where you can enjoy life along with acquiring top-quality education required for a prosperous career ahead.

  1. Where should I go for studies abroad?

Given the option of study abroad opportunities in almost every country, picking the right place to study abroad is a daunting task. Hence, one should analyse the cost of studies, career prospects after the studies and aspects of safety and welfare in the foreign country before choosing a study aboard program. The factors such as the lifestyle of the place and your interests should be prioritized while choosing a country for your higher studies.

You can compare some of the most popular study abroad programs of countries such as Australia, USA, UK, Ireland, and Germany and choose a place that suits your interests.

  1. How can I start my study abroad?

After you have selected a country to go for your studies, you should take decisions about the study abroad programs and the university you want to study. You can search on the internet to find the university rankings, and choose a university that is best for your subject. Should also check for the national ranking of universities in the country you have chosen for the study.

As a next step, you should check the courses that your shortlisted university provides. You should also analyse the lifestyle, requirements for admission and the cost of study. If all these things are okay, you should apply for admission. In all these matters, we provide excellent help for students.

  1. What is the length of study abroad programs?

Your study aboard program will last till the completion of your course. Typically, an undergraduate course will last for 3 to 4 years. A Post-graduate program will take 1 or 2 years to complete. A PhD program will take 3 to 4 years to complete. There are quick degree and masters degree programs in universities around the world. If you enrol your name for these courses, the duration of your study aboard will be much lesser. Hence, it is understood that the length of your study abroad programs depends entirely on the duration of the course.

  1. When exactly can I apply for study abroad programs?

You should apply to the study abroad programs as soon as possible. If you apply in the first days of receiving application at the university, it will be accepted soon. Hence, you can arrange your travel and related things. Never wait till the last date of the submission of application. If the number of seats is filled, your application may get rejected.

  1. What are the documents required to enter into a study abroad program?

Documents required for entry into a study aboard program varies as per the policies and guidelines of universities across the world. Hence, you should check the prospects of the university you plan to enrol your name to know the documents required for admission.

If you seek admission to a degree program, you should have the documents supporting your higher secondary education. It is better to contact the admission department of the University to know exact documents you should provide while taking admission. If you are taking admission to a study abroad program in an English Speaking country, you should also provide documents supporting your English Language Proficiency (IELTS or TOEFL).

  1. What documentation I should submit along with my application?

The following documentation may be required along with your application.

  1. Passport size photograph
  2. SOP letter
  3. Resume
  4. Recommendation letters
  5. Transcripts and certificate of Higher secondary Studies
  6. TOFEL or IELTS Certificates
  7. Results of admission tests (GMAT/GRE for graduate courses)

Do I require speaking English or any other second language to study overseas?

Speaking of the second language is entirely depending on the country in which you study. If you plan to study a course in English and you are not a native English speaker, you will have to produce English Language Proficiency test results. The common English Proficiency tests are TOFEL and IELTS. If you seek admission to other countries like France and Germany, you should have a good score in their language proficiency tests.

Do I need to attend an interview before admission?

Usually, foreign universities do not ask you to attend an interview before admission. At the same time, you can expect it if you are going to attend a competitive program. There are universities conducting interviews in certain fixed places for integration students. Skype interviews also may be there before you are called for admission.

What should I do after getting a letter of acceptance?

Once you receive the letter of acceptance, you should prepare for your travel. You should arrange your passport, student visa, search for accommodation etc. You should visit the official website of the country you receive a letter of acceptance for travel guidelines. You can also approach your university for gaining more insights into this matter.

Should I apply for a Student Visa?

All international students need student visa except for an EU citizen moving to another EU country for studies. If your study program is of less than three months, you can complete it on a visiting visa. We can provide you with more information on how to apply for a student visa.

What is the cost of study abroad?

The average cost of living and tuition in your chosen country for study should be calculated to know the total cost of study abroad. The average tuition fee and living vary from country to country.

Can I apply for loans to study abroad? 

It is difficult to receive loans to study abroad. At the same time, international students can get bursaries, grants, sponsorships, studentships, fellowships and scholarships to support their study abroad programs. You can also approach your university for relevant funding information and options. You can also attain scholarships by merit.

Where can I find scholarships for study abroad programs?

You can receive scholarships from many sources. Visit the website of the university you plan to study. They may have displayed information on scholarships that their students can attain. University also will provide information on scholarships that their partners and the government are ready to give for international students. There may be scholarships in your home country for students going abroad for studies. There may be funding from external organisations in your country. Research for all these sources and you will surely find fund for your studies.

Where will I get accommodation during my studies abroad?

First, you should enquire about getting accommodation in your chosen University. If they do not provide accommodation for their international students, you can arrange it outside. Renting a flat, shared accommodation etc. are some of the options for you. There are student support team and unions to help students to find accommodation according to their budget.

Can I take up part-time work during my study abroad program?

It is according to your student visa. Some countries issue a student visa that allows students to work part-time at least 20 hours per week and full time in the weekend. At the same time, some countries do not permit students to work. You can also go on a normal visa and it will allow you to work as much time as you want. In this situation, you can work as much as you want provided it does not affect your studies. Never rely on work to fund your studies because before leaving for studies you need to prove that you have enough funds to complete your study abroad program.

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