A Degree in One Year – All That You Need to Know About a Degree in One Year

All That You Need to Know About a Degree in One Year

A degree in one year is a prominent model of study for all students who have taken up
employment after their higher secondary studies or students who could not continue their studies
due to various reasons. These problems may include financial issues, family commitments and
many more of the same types. The students with these types of issues have a great opportunity to
continue their higher studies conveniently from where they are right now. Understanding the
troubles and inconveniences of such students, numerous universities have decided to offer one-
year fast track mode degree courses. Most of these courses are with single sitting examinations.
This means that the students can complete their higher studies in a single year by writing all the
exams in the same year. The one-year degree programs are designed in such a way that it is
convenient for individuals who are employed. Hence, it is advantageous for students with gap
years in their academic life. It is a golden opportunity for students in India and abroad to
complete a degree in a quick time.

The Terms and Conditions for a Degree in One year

The terms and conditions for a degree in one year vary from university to university. The first
and foremost, the student enrolling for a single sitting degree must have more than three years of
gap years in studies. Secondly, the student must have completed the last passed exam from a
government recognized institution. Such students can enrol their names for BA in one year, BCA
in one year, B.Tech in one year, MCA in one year, MBA in one year MA in one year, M.Com in
one year or any other desired courses. You can learn a single sitting course provided that you
fulfill all the terms and conditions set by various universities. Contact us today to check your
eligibility for a degree in one year from your preferred university.
A Degree in One year from a UGC Approved University
All the degree in one-year programs is from the UGC recognized universities across India. You
can choose the University of your choice. There are a lot of options for you to study your degree
as most of the UGC approved universities offer a degree in one-year programs for students in
India and abroad. One year courses from a recognized university are valid. Hence, you should
check the UGC recognition of a university before you enrol your name for a course. You can
check the list of UGC accepted university in the official website of the University Grants
There is nothing much to think about if you find a UGC recognized fast track course. If you earn
a degree from a fake university, you will not be able to further your studies or take up a suitable
job. A valid degree can fetch you employment in the government as well as private sectors. The
purpose of learning a degree is to enter into a suitable job after the studies and earn a handsome

Learning is a life-long process, and at the same time it is significant to acquire mandatory
education buy learning BA, B.Com, MA, MBA, MCA and any more course as per the tastes and
preferences of each individual. You are eligible for a fast track degree if you have the gap years
of three or more years of break in your studies. Each degree programs has a prescribed course
fee, and students have to pay it on time.
One Sitting Admission – Credit Transfer, Lateral Entry and Breaking Study
One sitting admission is possible through three modes, and they include Credit Transfer, Lateral
Entry and Breaking Study. All of us are influenced by our situations and students too are not
different from this scenario. Some of the students may have finished the first or second year of
their undergraduate courses and could not study further due to unavoidable circumstances. There
are others who have stopped in the middle way between their studies. All these students can
carry their credits when they take admissions to a one sitting degree. In fact, they can resume
their studies from where they had stopped. Hence, they do not lose any of their years spent in
academic activities except that are lost as gap years. One sitting admission is possible using
academic credit rating as well as credit score transfer.
Lateral entry is an opportunity for diploma holders to complete their graduation in the most
conveniently. If you make up your mind to learn a one sitting program, you can pursue your
studies from any university you prefer to study. Three-year graduation can be completed in a
single year by writing all exams in the same year. Lateral entry to a graduate program is very
unique to all universities and the rules and regulations regarding it vary from university to
university. Hence, we cannot provide a fixed guideline to follow for students seeking lateral
entry admissions. If you have stopped your studies in any years of your degree studies, you can
approach a university for lateral entry. Therefore, it is a golden opportunity for students to
complete a degree within a year and enter into a dream profession.
Breaking study mode allows students to restart their degree studies after years of gaps in their
academic studies. Hence, gap years in studies do not matter; you can take admission to the final
year of any degree study of your choice. Stop worrying about your lost years and opportunities.
Now is your time! Enrol your name for a course from any university of choice to transform your
life. Minimum qualification for a fast track course is a 12 th pass. Do you fulfill this qualification
and have many years of gap years in studies? Contact us today, and we can guide you to several
suitable courses that will fetch you great possibilities in life to establish in life. Make the most of
this opportunity to learn a precious degree course and attain a job of your choice, and thereby
lead a wealthy and prosperous life.

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