Credit Transfer degree

The Role of Association of Indian Universities (AIU)Key Objectives and Functions

Association of Indian Universities (AIU)  The Association of Indian Universities is a 95-years old organisation started in 1925. The prime aim of constituting AIU is to control and coordinate higher education in India. All types of universities are members of…

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Earn a Valid One Single Sitting Degree from the UGC Accepted Universities in India

UGC – Powers and Functions India is a country that gives exceptional importance to higher education. The education system in India has evolved from ancient times to modern times and is well-built with all the necessary systems and infrastructures. India…

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What is Credit Transfer Degree?

  We make it easy to apply academic credit transfer previously earned to our degree completion programs. Students that have successfully completed two years of education from a UGC or DEC university can transfer these credits and complete a degree…

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